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Transilvania University of Braşov – 70 years (1948-2018)
An anniversary monograph

The first anniversary monograph of Transilvania University of Braşov
A concept-monograph co-authored, edited and coordinated by Teofil Mihăilescu
Transilvania University Publishing House, Braşov | 2018

This monograph holds symbolic and anniversary significance, while it might appear slightly unconventional in relation to the classical meaning of the word. This is mostly a narrative work, as the coordinator chose not to disrupt the flow of the story using footnotes and bibliographic references, i.e., the critical apparatus specific to an academic work, because it is rather an anniversary album than an academic work. It provides historical facts and specific information about the university, it displays relevant images for the entire spectrum of activities carried out in the local academic universe, and is especially aimed at shaping a broad picture about the beginning, development, current status, and mission of Transilvania University of Braşov on its 70th anniversary (1948-2018) in 2018, also the year of Romania’s Great Union Centennial. The work presents the beginning, development, current status, and mission of the eighteen faculties within Transilvania University of Braşov, the university’s research, cultural and artistic structures, as well (for the first time ever) its iconic historical buildings. Books such as this one are published on anniversary occasions to symbolically mark a “round age” and the related history. Thus, they become landmarks, balance opportunities, image shapers, and ambassadors.

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