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The Parallel Romania
Allienation and Kitsch in architecture and public space

The first and only album about kitsch in architecture and public space in Romania
A concept-book co-authored, edited and coordinated by Teofil Mihăilescu
Transilvania University Publishing House, Braşov | 2016

The album brings together 112! (symbolically chosen as the European emergency phone number) photographic stories from the so called “parallel” Romania, in which the space of the polis/city (the built environment, but not only) is often governed by alienation and kitsch, sometimes appearing as if it were in a process of “genetic” degradation. The images are accompanied by the texts of the invited co-authors, acclaimed professionals in their fields – Augustin Ioan, Mihaela Gheorghe, Dan Moruzi, Cristian Muntean, Horia Mihail, Gabriel Bebeşelea, Onelia Pescaru and Marius Cisar – with the aim of ​​crystallizing a matrix that would “measure” the scale of the “genetic” degradation phenomenon of the polis/city from as many perspectives (architecture, music, language, psychology, politics, media, theatre), showing that neither the jokes nor the superiority, the indifference or the fear should rule in Romanian society, but reason, professionalism, common sense, measure, quality alternatives among others, offered by a higher number of representatives and professionals.

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