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The miracle of inflorescence | Genesis as uncreated energy

As long as I have known myself, it found it a miracle that in a seed there is a future flower, a future tree, a future being. Future lives. The Light. This miracle of inflorescence represents a permanent, inexhaustible fascination for my soul and permanently feeds my enthusiasm and joy of life. Of all the stages of this miracle of transformation, I am particularly interested in that moment of the beginning of life, out of an apparent “nothing.” A needle-like seed gives birth to a huge tree! A cell turns into billions, each with the most complex and diverse roles. A miracle partially explained by science. For science stops where the territory of those uncreated energies, which nourish the miracle of the inflorescence, begins. I seek to breathe, to see, to touch that uncreated energy, that moment of Genesis. I look for it in the sciences, in the religions and philosophies of the world, in me. I understand that I am permanently in a state of discipleship. Through meditation and subconsciousness, I try to explore the territories that are always inter mundos, permanently between the world visible to our eye and the horizon of boundaries, similar to that of black holes, beyond which nothing is known, and no explanation makes sense. That territory of uncreated energies as well as of the genesis and recycling of space-time is what I explore through my artworks. This portfolio includes some of these inter mundos explorations. That’s what I want you to discover.

some meanings

Uncreated energies. The Time in scene | Anno-Tempus | 2009 | 80 x 100 cm
(Oil on canvas, gold-like sheets, broken watches, silicone, textiles)

A series of symbolic numbers, materials and objects were used in the elaboration of this work of art and its symbolic message. Gold is the precious metal used in all cultures and in all times. Extrapolated as a meaning, we find it giving value to an ideal, utopian time (“the golden age” of the philosophers of ancient antiquity), a number (“the golden number” – phi), a state (“the heart of gold”), a belief (“golden rule”) etc. The plants, symbolically present in the work, evoke the idea of ​​balanced creation resulting from the uncreated. They are the Idea of ​​The Plant, of organic life that symbolically absorbs energy from the crucible of life, the earth, through an etheric stem. Among the symbolic plants, star plants, you can see at the point of maximum balance of the work a sun-plant, with a spiral disk, drawing its energy from the energy of the universe, a different fertile place from which we all come and to which we all go like stardust. This is how this earth-sky link exists, through the plant-star-sun link. Symbolic for the built-in quantification of time, in an artefact, the clocks in this context also have a double value: they refer to the philosophical metaphor of the broken clock and evoke the various measures, rhythms and memories of the lives of those who owned them. That’s precisely why I don’t say “the passage of time” because in this sense we confuse the object with its function: the meaning of the work is that it is precisely our transformations that give us the perception of the passage of time and not the time that “passes” causes us to transform ourselves permanently. The alternative title of the artwork, “AnnoTempus”, relating the biological existence to the abstract perspective of time that marks our lives.

some of the paintings | 2000-present