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The Light of Romania

A concept-exhibition, part of the only cultural project in Romania dedicated to Romania’s Centenary
2021, December – 2022, January | Expo2020 Dubai, UAE | Romania Pavilion

The Light of Romania is a cultural and photographic project I signed (2016-2018), dedicated to the first Centenary of the united and modern Romania (1918-2018) and materialized in a photographic album and an traveling photographic exhibition. The only photography project in Romania dedicated to the first Centenary, The Light of Romania is an essay in pictures, crystallizing multiple connotations. The concept is endowed with a particular significance and the photography I chose as emblematic is meant to enhance the symbolical meaning of the title through a hora (a Romanian traditional dance) of Light, a special rendering of the Gloria effect captured on the “roof” of Romania, the Moldoveanu Peak (alt. 2544 m) in the Făgăraș Mountains. Through its spectacular images mirroring the peculiarities, the history, the geography and spectacular landscapes, the emblematic architecture, the traditions, the culture, the atmosphere, the spontaneity and the diversity in unity of the Romanians, The Light of Romania is a visual travel diary in emblematic photographs by means of which I tried to capture the genuine feeling of the place, the sense of history and the people’s natural being, just as depicted from my journeys throughout the country’s historical regions, out of an unconditional love for Romania. The exhibition was inaugurated as a permanent exhibition at the Rectorate of Transilvania University of Braşov (2018-2023), it travelled through Asia (2019 – Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Mongolia, China), and was displayed at Expo2020 in Dubai, UAE at the Romanian Pavilion.

inside expo

emblematic photos

the traveling concept-display