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TM | photography

I’m an architect-photographer carried away by the endless life-space circumstances I write with Light. Exploring the Worlds of my recurring themes – vibrating polis, feeling of places, absence as presence within sacred spaces, are just as many opportunities for introspection, discovery and metamorphosis. These explorations are transformed into photography projects, with a personal involvement in their entire architecture, from concept to curatorship. Photography is also a matter of taste, but respect is a matter of culture and civilization. If you like my photography for the scenes of your lives, I thank you, willing to collaborate. If we don’t resonate, please ignore me, thanking you for the virtual tour.

Explore some of my photography concept-exhibitions:

2023 | Dr. Honigberger’s Window. Architecture and sacred space
2022-2023 | Brasov. Atmosphere, architecture and urban space
2022 | From Constantinople to Athos. Architecture and sacred space
2021-2022 | The Light of Romania. Expo 2020 Dubai
2020-2021 | From Rome to Compostela. Architecture and sacred space
2019 | From Sinai to Jerusalem. Architecture and sacred space
2019-2022 | From Brasov to Brasov. Outdoor exhibitions
2010-2018 | Sulina: mon amour, mein liebe, my love
2008-2018 | My Brasov. PastPresent Continuous in the urban space
2002-2019 | Other photography exhibitions