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I’m one of the architects being also in writers hypostasis. Writing is an indispensable part of the Artium, as for me, being an Architect means, in the Renaissance sense, being a complete artist – Arhitectura Mater Artium. I discovered a great joy in writing, as I realized that I can also do architecture with words. As author or co-author in editorial “constructions”, I see writing as a space-time binomial, a new real reality of our minds that makes us not only see but Look at the World, a reflection meant to provoke, to inspire, to crystallize endless opportunities for introspection, discovery and continuous metamorphosis. My cultural explorations turned into books are the result of my engagement in everything that means their architecture, from concept to the printed form. The themes and genre of the books are also a matter of taste, but respect is a matter of culture and civilization. If you appreciate my themes and the way I’m writing, I thank you, willing to collaborate. If we don’t resonate, please ignore me, thanking you for the virtual tour.

Explore some of my cultural projects and the universe of my books so far:

2018 | The Light of Romania. To the Romanian Great Union Centenary 1918-2018
2018 | Transilvania University of Braşov: 70 years (1948-2018). An anniversary monograph
2017 | Our Book of stories
2016 | The Parallel Romania. Alienation and Kitsch in architecture and public space
2015 | Palladium
2014 | Braşov. Atmosphere, architecture and urban space
2014 | Athos. Architecture and sacred space