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A calling at the frontier of art and technology, refined in millennia of history, Architecture remains the reading grid of civilization. In this sense, I believe that being an Architect is not a right, but a privilege. As Architect, I am a serious partner in understanding the dreams of the recipients of my projects, translated through stabilitas, utilitas and venustas into projects that later become the scenes of the most diverse human activities. In my practice, I am concerned with the integration of valuable lessons of traditional architecture, the principles of bioclimatic / passive / solar architecture, the experiences of urban anthropology, the symbolism of the spaces. I do not see my projects as just being mine, but equally of all those who transform them from my virtual reality into their real realities, their scenes of life. As far as I’m concerned, being an Architect means, in the Renaissance sense, being a complete artist – Arhitectura Mater Artium, therefore I try to be the best I can in the spirit of the values ​​and ethics of this profession, with respect for Artium, and for the values ​​and lives of the beneficiaries of my projects. I also believe that being an Architect means also trying to change for the better, through personal example, not only the quality of the built universe, but also some of the dissatisfying realities of society’s architecture. For this one do not have to be famous, but only a brick, a stone of the great Construction of the world of which is a part. Architecture is also a matter of taste, but respect is a matter of culture and civilization. If you want my projects to become the scenes of your lives, I thank you, willing to collaborate. If we do not resonate, please ignore me, thanking you for the virtual tour.

explore some of my realized architectural and interior design projects | 1998-present