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My Braşov | PastPresent Continuous in architecture and urban space

2008-present | A virtual photography exhibition dedicated to my beloved city: Braşov


Photography arrived in Braşov in 1842, once with the arrival of the city’s first photographer, Mr. Gottfried Barth. Since then, we owe to photography the visual history of the architectural-urban development of the city. I am opening this virtual exhibition in 2022, to symbolically mark the 180th anniversary of photography in Brașov, this fascinating medieval city of Transylvania, MY city, as a sign of gratitude for all its photographers from the past, present and future. PastPresent Continuous is a permanent photography project, presenting a number of emblematic photographs for the architectural past of the present and present of the past of the city. The photos are either newer or older, some are part of my album, Brașov. Atmosphere, architecture and urban space (2015), others from the portfolios of various exhibitions dedicated to Braşov while others are presented here for the first time. One of the visual expressions of my urban anthropology projects, this permanent virtual exhibition invites you to documentation and meditation, to (re)discover Braşov and carry it in your soul forever as we carry in our souls a dear being without whom we cannot live, presenting it as a being that is ready to transform itself and yet it always stays the same.


emblematic photos