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Welcome to my virtual art gallery!

My virtual gallery is a space intended only for those interested in my art and who appreciate me as an artist, resonating with the “breath” of my creation and who need it in the scenes of their lives as symbolic windows towards worlds that only open for them. They give me wings, make me accomplish my Artium and make me keep on living between worlds from where I can bring visible images as my art into our world, the way I can and for those who can perceive them as such.

Some of the artworks present in the painting portfolios of my website are for sale for private or public spaces, for collections or galleries, for cultural projects and exhibitions. Those interested either can choose from the virtual walls of my art gallery and ask for availability, or can propose themes, series and art concepts to explore. For information about my portfolios and my availability for specific projects, please contact me in private.

Art is work. Even if it is a passion, a need, a joy, a fulfilment, for an artist, art is also work. Hard work, reflecting a whole world of accumulations, study, explorations, feelings, suffering, investments, assumed and carried out over a long period of time. That’s why a work of art is a value not only related to the cost of materials, its dimensions and the time needed to create it, an aspect eluded or pretended not to be understood by those who consider that art is free. Art is also a matter of taste, but respect for artists is a matter of culture and civilization. That is why, if you like and desire my art for the scenes of your lives, I’m delighted and I thank you. If, for any reason, we do not resonate, please ignore me, thanking you for the virtual tour.