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AntiPolis | Coexisting worlds

Antipolis: layered, mirrored, and “woven” worlds | 2000 – present

Antipolis is a Polis in which Time has the same meaning as that of our world, from left to right, with inevitably increasing entropy, but this is not “real”, as we perceive it from a psychological perspective in our existence in the context of classical physics, but imaginary, in the quantum universe. Through these photographic collages I try to explore the worlds of Polis in the mirror – the Antipolis worlds – made up of antimatter and condensing layers of past, present, and future in the matrix of imaginary time. The works explore in Antipolis layered worlds (like a “sandwich” of perspectives), mirrored worlds (open to multiple skies) and “woven” worlds (coexisting as in a huge patchwork “blanket”). Metaphorically, they “speak” in antitheses about the nostalgia of Paradise and the Golden Age, about the climate crisis and the binomial of greed and fear, about religion in the context of worlds that seem to inevitably self-destruct, about pollution, urban densification, and synthetic living. The collages exclusively recycle photos from my portfolio, and are made by cutting and pasting, without computer interference, with obvious imperfections, so that each work is unique. The works are windows through which, if we have the courage to look through their quantum glass, we can remember both the past and the future, defying even entropy.

some photo-graphic collages