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my photography

a creative work in PresentContinuous | Semper Inter Mundos

I’m one of the architects being also in photographers hypostasis. A sketchbook in which I write with Light, photography is an indispensable part of my Artium, as for me, being an Architect means, in the Renaissance sense, being a complete artist – Arhitectura Mater Artium Exploring the Worlds of my recurring themes – relationships between people, architecture and sacred spaces, vibrating polis, feeling of places, presence as absence, are just as many opportunities for introspection, discovery and continuous metamorphosis. These explorations are transformed into cultural projects and exhibitions, with a personal involvement in everything that means their architecture, from concept to curatorship. When taking pictures, I let myself be carried away by the intuition, by the unpredictability of the encounters with endless life circumstances, open to the world, so as to know myself better. Photography is also a matter of taste, but respect is a matter of culture and civilization. If you like my photography for the scenes of your lives, I thank you, willing to collaborate. If we don’t resonate, please ignore me, thanking you for the virtual tour.

Explore some of my emblematic photography concept-exhibitions:

2022-2023 | Brasov. Atmosphere, architecture and urban space
2022 | From Constantinople to Athos. Architecture and sacred space
2021-2022 | The Light of Romania. Expo 2020 Dubai
2020-2021 | From Rome to Compostela. Architecture and sacred space
2019 | From Sinai to Jerusalem. Architecture and sacred space
2019-2022 | From Brasov to Brasov: mutatis mutandis
2008-2018 | My Brasov. PastPresent Continuous in the urban space
2002-2019 | Other photography exhibitions