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A glimpse of my graphics | Workshop tale

* work in progress at this section

Graphics was the portal through which I entered the world of arts in the ’80. I love graphics because it is very similar to my own nature. It may be noticed that, in painting or photography, I come from the world of graphics. In light of the idea that absence means presence, I have been permanently interested in expressing as much as possible, in the manner of Japanese graphics and calligraphy, and this has resulted in a series of studies of birds in ink and black ink. I explored the representation of static natures in pencil in preparation upon entering university. I studied portraits and human anatomy in drawings in coal. I started making watercolours and representing workshop compositions, still lives, and architecture in the transparency of the coloured water. I explored a variety of techniques, from linocut and woodcuts to aqua type and engraving. In this space there are some of my older studies, sketches, and drawings, in various techniques and from different periods. It is an honest way to make you witness my artistic path and an opportunity to invite you to see in it the germs of my current fusion-art.

some studies, sketches and drawings | 1990-Present